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    About Us

    What is Awana

    Awana is an international, inter-denominational, Bible-centered ministry that provides club programs for kindergarten to high school-aged children through the local church. Awana is an acronym for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed (2 Timothy 2:15). Awana is a full-service ministry that provides training for churches, club evaluations, and special events.

    Awana History

    The Awana ministry began in Chicago, Illinois where it was officially organized in 1950. To date, there are over 1 million children who attend club programs in the United States. An additional 100,000-plus children participate in club programs internationally. The Awana English Club officially started in Hong Kong in 1998. The Awana Chinese Club started in Hong Kong in 2001.

    How do I start Awana in my church

    You can begin the process of having Awana in your church by contacting Mr. Paul Tang, Ministry Coordinator. His contact information is below.

    • Website: www.awana.org.hk
    • Email: pault@awana.org.hk
    • Tel: (852) 3111 6858
    • Fax: (852) 3171 6758

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